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YAF is made up of adults 30 yrs to 45yrs. Ebenezer YAF begun in 2014 with an average meeting attendance of 16 members per week and I5 members monthly face-to-face meeting. By the grace of God and hard-work, our average attendance has increased about 27 with on a weekly basis and about 25 on a monthly basis. YAFis made up a predominantly working professionals ranging from age 30 to 45 yrs.

Since we are a diverse groups we are able to contribute to share and learn from each other on a larger scale. our monthly meetings are held every first and last Saturday of the month at the church premises and every second Tuesday of the month on the phone and every Thursday prayer meeting from 8 to 9 p.m. YAF is still young and evolving.

you are welcomed to join us